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Monday, June 29, 2009

Backyard Vegetable Garden

Recently I have been busy with the vegetable garden and not finding time to blog recipes. Since I am doing this first time here in US i am still learning many things and i think i started late in the season. Also some of the indian vegetables which i started indoor from seed did not transplant well and i feel they are growing very slowly. Looks like some plants don't transplant well. I bought tomatoes, peppers, beans, brinjal from the garden center and transplanted. Tomatoes and beans are doing great. I am not really happy about the peppers and Eggplant. They are growing slowly and also peppers have some curl on the leaf which is stopping the growth.

Here are some pictures of the plants as of today. I hope they grow and start furiting before the season ends.
First Tomatoes still not riped
Beans started flowering
Beans Bed growing good
This bed has watermelon, bitter gourd, cucumber and OKRA, growing slowly
Tomatoes growing good, Peppers and Eggplant not growing great
More Tomatoes growing good
Beerakaya, OKRA, Chikkudu, Chilli and Pudina growing slowlyyyy
Bitter Gourd growing okay..

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