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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dosa with Rice and Lentils (Dals)

In order to Increase protein and reduce carbohydrates in my food i am making Dosa with less rice and more Dals and it comes out crispy all the time even without using Oil.


Urad dal (Black gram) – ½ cup
Channa dal (Bengal gram)-½ cup
Toor dal(Red Gram) -½ cup
Raw rice -1½ cup

1) Soak chana Dal&Toor Dal together and Urud Dal and Rice seperately for 2 hrs

2) Grind Chana Dal and toor Dal first, rice second and Urud Dal last and mix all of them with salt and ferment it overnight.

3) The Batter should look like a pancake batter. Grease a flat pan with some oil, pour the batter and spread it to make round shape and cook both the sides until it turns light brown

You can make dosa with this batter even without Oil if you use a non stick pan.

serve hot with your favorite chutney/Sambar

This is healthy compared usual Dosa batter with more rice and less lentils. You can make Dosa with Ghee or Butter for kids.

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